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The field information ERP

Control the timing

Time manager : The multiple time registers solutions. Real-time tracking of employees arrivals and departures on sites, in any conditions.

Mobility is in your hand

Pocket manager is the mobile solutions for managing teams on the field. As a real mobile office, this solution embeds a structured messaging system, data sheets for every site, your teams schedules, quality control tools, and even more specific service job oriented tools.

100% client relation

Web Manager is the web space dedicated to the client relationship. They can consult every up to date information concerning service management and they can communicante with your team. Every notification is structured and memorised.

Connected Objets

Maximise your business with the Connected Objects ! The SMS solutions are fully integrated with a number of objects. With the Internet Of Things you will be able to track your devices, control every person of your team on field.

The full time management

At the heart of SMS line of solutions, Office Manager stands as the headquarters : all mobile and internet software provided by SMS solution are set up here as well as the scheduling system, the compilation and distribution of data. Field experience and offices have never been so close !






monthly synchronisations


monthly controls

In 1999 at a time where smart-phones were still considered as science-fictional objects, SMS company creator knew before everyone that developing a service oriented company had to come with the ability to digitally gather field data. Being visionary and a phase ahead of the market needs, forces you to explain and demonstrate the benefits of such an approach. We had to create new tools and supports, understand the market, anticipate and invest but above all it obliged us to excel.

The experience gained throughout the years is priceless and gives SMS company that extra strength vis-à-vis our competitors.

At the beginning of 2010, when smart-phones and digital tablets were democratized, SMS company was able to massively distribute its solutions to big and smaller cleaning, 3D, safety and environmental services companies.

SMS mobile solutions are more often used jointly by forwarding agents, to monitor the provided services quality of their suppliers.

As a market leader in cleaning and multi-service mobile solutions, and with the help of it’s teams and partners, SMS company builds up on a daily basis it’s global solution expertise for terrain data processing.

Created by and for service professionals, our operating systems are friendly, organized and adaptable to fit the specific needs of this line of business.

Because it has a comfortable built-in configuration and offers easy parametrization, the handling is immediate.

The different SMS addons work together and offer a complete response to the need for leadership.

When running, our solutions are extremely flexible whether you are using them or wish to set up a new implementation.
Our solutions match perfectly the needs for terrain flexibility, combining mobile application (with disconnected and synchronized mode) as well as a cloud connected solution.

All our solutions are based on a rental service approach meaning that you do not have to invest. It’s the easiest way to fit your needs with a low budget easy to use solution.

Small, intermediate and big companies who made the choice of upgrading their monitoring data terrain system with SMS solutions have gained significant efficiency. They strengthen customers loyalty and earn new ones.

Today, more than 60% of French cleaning companies use SMS solutions daily.

We are proud to show you the power of our mobile solution for services.

Philippe MOUSSY

Control your planning, manage the time with TIME MANAGER :

is a complete solution suite designed to manage on the field attendance time. With the developpement of phone and internet network services, it is now possible to monitor employees presence on the field at all time, take in account differences observed, but it also represents a usefull safety tool for isolated workers. Absences or unusual delays are sent to your office and to the inspector. Timesheets are automaticaly sent and compared to the estimated scheduled at the office. Warnings can eventually be called. Plannings can then be adapted in real-time, billing an pays quickly established.
Collected data are synchronizedwith Office Manager software at your office and returned to the client threw Web Manager Intranet.

For sites that do not have fixed phone-lines, employees check in and out of work by flashing a special RFID TAG located in each zone with their mobile phone.

The pointing system solution for fixed phones-line equipped sites. On arrival, the employe dials a special green number from a fixed phone and enters his confidential code. The call is recorded and compared with the estimated employe’s scheduler.

Intended for big sites having to deal with a large amount of employees, SMS Box tool allows them to easily check in and out of work using the simple ibutton keyring. The recorded data are send live to Office Manager system.

With barcodes stategicaly located on their working sites, employees can check in an out or validate a zone very easily by a simple push of a button.

Field management with POCKET MANAGER :

is the mobile app for on the field managers. The tablet and mobile app is dedicated to quality control in the cleaning, 3D, environmental and security industry. Pocket Manager includes quality control data sheets previously configured at your office (With Office Manager), as well as planning manager and a messaging system. This allows you to handle your overall business. To control your on the field activity, Pocket Manager sends throughout SMS Synchro protocol all the datas to Office Manager application. It also helps you in completing estimates, produce reports and send all of these informations to your clients. Pocket Manager was specifically designed for on the field jobs. It can be configured to match every type of project, allowing team managers, quality controllers and senior executives to check, imput, send and receive from the field, all the necessary operational information.

Quality management

  • Instant localization,
  • Non-compliance,
  • Quality index,
  • Imputation,
  • Remedial actions,
  • Pictures,
  • Contradictory visas,
  • Live reporting,
  • Full synthesis.

Site management

  • Timesheets planning,
  • Consumable goods ordering,
  • Equipment recording and servicing,
  • TS estimates,
  • On-site datasheet, requirements sepecification and method sheets consultation,
  • Internal and client messaging system,
  • Warning system.


Disconnected stand-alone mode


Cloud connected mode.

Optimisation with Connected Objects

is a full range of connected objects for a non-stop field data collection and tracking.